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Your Digital Marketing Strategy and SEO

You need an effective digital marketing strategy paired well with SEO tactics to effectively market your business and raise profits.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Google ranks websites with over 2oo different deciding factors and SEO is a big part of this. SEO goes beyond keywords, but keywords do hold a lot of weight in 2018.

SEO is ever changing and will require constant adjustment based on changes in the algorithm. Keep track of your organic search results and adjust your content accordingly. SEO is a full-time job for even the smallest businesses.

You will need a digital marketing strategy to create your roadmap for finding high-value customers that convert. By planning your marketing, you give your company the best chance of a profitable online presence.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Learn how to create a digital marketing strategy with this worksheet

Marketing Strategy
Define Your Brand
Marketing Strategy
Define Your Target Audience
Marketing Strategy
Find Your Unique Selling Position
Marketing Strategy
Understand Your Competitors
Marketing Strategy
Determine Your Business Goals
Marketing Strategy
Determine Your Business Platform For Social Presence
Marketing Strategy
Create Your Action Plan
Marketing Strategy
Set Your Marketing Budget And Start Allocating Your Dollars

These are the core elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. They all work together to create a cohesive campaign that will drive results if used correctly.

Do You Want A Worksheet To Help You Create A Digital Marketing Strategy? 

Marketing strategies are a common challenge among many businesses. Most business owners are aware of the importance of an online presence, but they have trouble determining where to focus their energy.

With all the overwhelming information about digital marketing out there, its complete mayhem.

Not knowing how to properly implement online marketing tactics can put a business behind their competitors.


The common misconception of a digital marketing plan is that it does not have to be a massive report.

You can create a lean, detailed plan that will do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

A recommended approach to a marketing strategy development would be to include the action, strategy and opportunity approach for optimal results. Also known as SMART goals.

To help you get started, I've created a strategy guide, you can download.

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The good news is that there are powerful reasons for creating an online strategy that can transform your marketing.

Start implementing your strategy TODAY. Do not be afraid to fail, the building is the hard part, watching it unfold into success is the FUN part.

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