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How To Schedule Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories are taking the world by storm. In 2019, this platform is going to explode even more.

This does not mean ignoring posts and only focusing on story creation. This means that your stories should work hand in hand with your posts.

Simply put, the feed is how people find you and are attracted to your account so they start following you. Your stories are for your followers, who wanted to follow your content and want more from you.

Fun fact: Your Instagram post can appear on more than 30 different places on Instagram- thanks for the fun fact preview app writers!

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schedule instagram stories

Your posts are like evergreen content, it stays on your feed forever (unless you manually delete it). Talk about a great way to get discovered any time of day, any day of the week.

Now Instagram stories, they disappear after 24 hours of posting, unless you add them to your highlights. Stories should be used to highlight news, daily events, behind the scenes and other fun things.

So how can you schedule your stories in advance?

Tailwind makes it easy. In fact, it's just as easy to schedule a story as it is to schedule a post.

The first thing you want to do is set up your Tailwind account. You use it for 30 days for free, so there's not much to lose. After that, it costs $13.39CAD  a month. You'll have 30 days to decide if the tool is right for you or not. Pretty good deal.

First thing's first.  Get yourself set up to be able to post on Instagram.

Tailwind Instagram Scheduling

You'll have to verify your phone number and login to your Instagram account.

Tailwind is pretty smart so it'll create you a smart schedule based on your current audience engagement.

Schedule Instagram Posts

Pick your time slot and you're ready to schedule your post.

Schedule post instagram.png

Before you actually schedule your post or story, be sure to enable the auto-posting feature.

Connect Tailwind To Facebook.png

The best part about Tailwind is that they provide a detailed walkthrough for its new users so it's pretty hard to get confused.  This is what a new post set up looks like. This is not a story, just a regular post.

tutorial scheduling stories

When you're setting up your post, you'll notice Tailwind has a really cool new feature called the Hashtag Finder.

To schedule a story, click on the "schedule my Instagram story" option. Because my account auto posts by default, I’ll need to opt to receive a notification reminder. Click the new posting method menu (where you’ll see “Auto Post” selected by default) on any post in either your Drafts or Schedule page and select iOS or SMS (for Android) notification reminder according to Tailwind.


When the story is ready to be published, you will get a notification to remind you that it's time. Click the “Yes! Let’s do this” option and Tailwind will automatically copy the link to your account. Best be sure you are logged into the correct account before you click the yes button.

Auto Post Story

And that's it! I really like that the process is super simple. Tailwind really made sure that your posting headaches are non-existent.  With the hashtag finder tool that actually evaluated the weight of your hashtags, to the auto-post feature, there really is no better tool for all your Instagram needs.

Need ideas on what to post on social media? Check out this post!

PS. It's pretty amazing for Pinterest too, so there's that. You can literally kill 2 marketing platforms with one stone without any headaches.

FYI Tailwind presented us with this really informative Infographic that explains the typical results its users get when using Tailwind for Instagram.

Pretty amazing if I say so myself.

Will you take the free offer and try Tailwind for Instagram?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How To Schedule Instagram Stories

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