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Social Media Content Ideas

Social Media Content Ideas 

52 Ways To Get Out Of The Posting Rut

If you ever feel overwhelmed by Social Media, you are not alone. You keep hearing that you need to post multiple times a day on multiple social platforms and the fear of having no content is all consuming and you end up not posting anything...

If you're not sure what you should post to ACTUALLY get likes, comments, and shares, then stick around, this post is for you. 

Ultimate List of Content Ideas


Well, I did come up with a few ideas for you, you're welcome.

We all know social media is about being social. The worst thing you can do is talk about your business all day every day. Sure, it's ok to talk about yourself once in a while, but don't go overboard.
Social media is about engaging with people and providing content that will help your followers.

Social Media Post Ideas

Download the Ultimate List Of Content Ideas For Social Media

and keep it on your desk for constant reference.
Whatever you wish to do with it, I hope it helps you create amazing content and kick your social media presence into high gear

What channels does the Ultimate List Of Content Ideas For Social Media suit best?

These content ideas will work super awesome on all of your traditional social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

You can use free scheduling tools to simplify your posting life such as Buffer, Tailwind, and Hootsuite. Read the in-depth, super useful detailed article I wrote on scheduling tools here. 

I'm sure you have heard that the organic reach on Facebook and Twitter has declined considerably, but that does NOT mean that those channels have become obsolete for promoting your content.

What kind of business can benefit from this list of social media content ideas?

The amazing thing about this list of ideas is that any business can benefit from it. From the mommy blogger to the plumber down the road, the style of these ideas can be tweaked for any niche.

Additional social media marketing tips you can use hand in hand with your Ultimate List Of Content Ideas For Social Media

Content calendars are the ultimate way to ensure your SMART Goals are met by giving you the ability to organize and plan your content and never miss any of those important holidays, products launch dates campaigns and more. Having a content calendar for all your social media accounts is essential for staying organized and on schedule with posting content.

Be sure to switch up the type of posts you are sharing so that your feed stays exciting for your followers.

Ideas for social media

Scheduling Content Tips

The most important thing to figure out is when your audience is active on each social network that you will be utilizing. A quick google search for specific social networks can provide you with insight on generally accurate peak times. While it is a good starting point, you will want to create monthly analysis reports to see when YOUR specific audience is online and engaging with your content and tweak your calendar to those posting times.

There are many options available for scheduling social posts. Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social are my favourite platforms to schedule all social media posts, engage with followers, and track the success.

Don't forget your list of content ideas!

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  1. Latha

    I am trying very hard to structure my Blog and my social media posts. Call me dumb but I have realised pretty late that if I could focus on growing my social media presence, I can get many links and visibility.


    I get more than 50% of my traffic from Social media, this post provides me with some useful insights that I can implement and get more better results from social media. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Frank

    Social media is definitely really tricky to figure out. It almost feels like you need a big dose of luck to get a good following. I think that patience is key though and continuing to post good content even when no one is looking will eventually pay off. This blog post has so many great ideas for content to share, I’ll definitely be bookmarking it for future reference!

  4. Anna

    This is very helpful for me as I still struggle to learn social media. My next goal is to start making short videos on You-Tube and tie it to my blog. So much to learn!

  5. Christina B.

    Thanks for the great ideas for social media posts! I had already been using some, but you definitely had a lot of ideas I hadn’t thought of! I’m bookmarking this page so I can go back and start putting them into my social media schedule!

    • onlinemarketingmayhem

      No problem! This is still a new blog, so there will be more content like this in the future. I’m glad you are liking it so far!

  6. gursimrat

    As always a great post. Social media is really overwhelming. There is always too much to do and social media is one of them. I always get lost in the thoughts of what should I post. Thanks for sharing

  7. Roland

    S0me of these, well actually, most of these, I have never thought of doing. I guess this is the time to get out of my comfort zone and start trying some of these things. This was a great post and detailed perfectly.

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